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Smart Devices
that Level you Up

With a powerful combo of innovation and technology, we help you create smart devices that increase efficiency and are smarter than any other product in the market.

About HaNthx

Hanthx is the brand that doesn't have an end to evolving. We mainly focus on building Smart Devices while collaborating with highly skilled tech-savvy folks, who have got a decade worth of experience in technology and product development.

Our mission is to be known in the market for rendering the best possible unified solutions for smart devices. Devices that are designed, developed, manufactured in house, backed by endless hours of rigorous testing, research, and development.

HaNthx is an MSME that strives to abide by the 'MAKE IN INDIA' campaign and be committed to provide high-end quality products and after sale services.

What we do

We combine innovation and technology to bring smart products that blow your mind.

Mobile Application

We’re consultants, guides, and partners for brands on digital transformation journeys. Wherever you’re going, we bring ideas and excitement to help you get there.


Innovation Excellence

Routine is not what we were born to do. While one's in the sky, one's below the ground looking for what he/she can find intriguing.


Design for Additive

This is a process everyone is glad we have. A little different than the traditional methods, this process helps in reducing weight and material consumption to create highly complex shapes and production parts.

3D Printing Services

Our printers are usually at least 3 times faster than any in its class, with the best functional parts. We believe 3D printing is the solution to all your problems.

Laser Engraving Services

Forget messing up this process, the team and our engraver is so obsessed with perfection, we believe they might have OCD. We're okay with taking extra time, but flawlessness is what we want too.

Our Products

Recent works we are really proud of

Best Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Desk Lamp

We've all heard it: "UV light kills germs." But here's the thing—germs don't like to be hit with UV light. They have evolved over billions of years to resist it and hide from it, and they're not going to let you play with them in this way. That's why we invented germicide uv irradiation lamps. They're just like regular UV light, but they also use germicide technology so that when you point one at your cabinet or mattress, germs get hit with a double whammy: UV rays and chemicals designed to kill them. And then they die.

Laser Engraving Service
Laser Engraving

This vaporizes materials into fumes to engrave permanent, deep marks. Sounds cool? Now the deep science part - This laser beam acts as a chisel, incising marks by removing layers from the surface of the material. The laser hits localized areas with massive levels of energy to generate the high heat required for vaporization.

Smart Works
Design for Additive

Design Analysis and Optimisation for Additive Manufacturing
Jigs & Fixtures Design
Product Design
CAD Design and 3D Scanning
Reverse Engineering
Application Assistance
Technology and Material Consulting
3D Printing ROI Analysis

Our clients praise us for our great results

How we work

We undergo a rigorous process to make sure we put quality on the forefront for you.

Services customized to your needs

Featured Solutions


A Unique GST ready Accounting, Billing, and Inventory management Software

All integrated into a unique tailor-made platform developed to create

  • Zero error
  • E-WAY Bill
  • E-Invoice

In a matter of few seconds.

HaNthx Capabilites

3D Printing Services

From our Bangalore facility, we provide expert 3D printing services and delivery across all of Australia. Nobody is more qualified to print your models than us, with our decades of combined expertise in 3D printing services and our wide selection of in-house 3D printers.

CAD Design Services

Along with providing excellent CAD drafting and design services, we specialise in establishing connections with businesses. We help customers to collaborate closely with us to complete projects on schedule. We provide a variety of economical CAD designs.

Application Development Services

We have extensive experience designing and building web, iOS, and Android applications that are both brilliantly practical and aesthetically pleasing. We customise our services for each customer, whether they are small-business owners developing new mobile applications or huge corporations or even governmental agencies.

Laser Engraving Services

In our studio, everything is made by hand, which enables us to offer a high-quality and expert service to both small and large businesses. We can help you increase sales and customer engagement with the right promotional materials. We are a small group of dedicated laser machines and creative individuals who enjoy bringing concepts to life.

Custom Designing Services

If you have a design in your mind that you want us to 3D print or laser engrave, please fill up the form below and upload what you had in mind and look at us turning your imagination into a reality.

Have a cool ✌️ project in mind?

#39, NGEF Lane, 2nd Floor, Suite No.1022,
Indiranagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India 560038

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